Chilli cheese roasted cauliflower

Cauliflower had been going through somewhat of a renaissance over the last couple of years and people are enjoying it in new and inventive ways. Cauliflower cheese is a perennial favourite however I recently wanted something lighter and more summery to serve on the side of a steak so I rustled up some roasted cauliflower that is packed with cheesy flavour but without the rich sauce. Saying that, I was unsure about how roasted cauliflower would go down with my dinner partner so I made a side serving of my homemade cheese sauce for dipping- you know, just in case!

Cauliflower is versatile enough to hold plenty of different flavours so get creative! I went for the combination of savoury cheese with spicy chilli but, to be honest, most herbs and spices would work! Just think of all the possibilities! I have roasted the cauliflower in separate florets but you can also roast it whole if you prefer; just simmer it in a pan for around 10 minutes before following the recipe below. You may need to give it longer in the oven too.


Ingredients- serves 2
1 cauliflower
30g parmesan plus extra to finish
50g mayonnaise
100g ricotta
1 tsp each of chilli powder and paprika
Salt and pepper

1. Start by preheating the oven to 200c/ 180 fan. Take the cauliflower and cut it down into florets. Try to keep them all a similar size so they roast evenly.

2. In a bowl combine 30g of grated parmesan, mayonnaise, the ricotta, chilli powder, paprika and season it well; stir to combine. Place the florets into the dressing and make sure each piece is well coated. Place the florets on a baking sheet or similar and roast for 45-50 minutes or until the cauliflower is tender. Towards the end of cooking you may like to remove from the oven and grate a little extra parmesan over the florets before returning to the oven until golden.

Chilli cheese roasted cauliflower- a perfect accompaniment that’s a welcome change from traditional cauliflower cheese!