Chilli sesame crusted tofu

Time for another tofu post I feel in an effort to get this bean curd beauty back in vogue! This gives the tofu such a savoury hit that it goes well in rice and noodle dishes so be as creative as you want. I like to use smoked tofu to add an extra flavour dimension but plain tofu is just as delicious.


Ingredients- serves 2
1 block of firm tofu- plain or smoked
1 egg
4 tbsp sesame seeds
2 tbsp red chilli flakes
Small pack of panko crumbs

1. Start off by blotting the tofu with kitchen towel to remove any excess moisture before cutting into bite sized pieces.

2. Crack an egg into a bowl, whisk lightly and set aside. Combine a mixture of panko crumbs, chilli and sesame and lay out on a plate. The quantities of sesame and chilli can be altered depending on your tastes but try to get a balance between the heat of the chilli, savouriness of the sesame and crunch of the crumb.

3. When you are ready, drop the tofu chunks in the egg before rolling each piece in the crumb mix. Make sure each side is well coated. Meanwhile, heat vegetable oil in a pan so it is around 3cm deep (now is not the time to walk away and leave this!) and heat. When the oil is hot enough, shallow fry the tofu in small batches so it is golden and crisp. Remove the tofu with a slotted spoon and blot on kitchen roll.

Serve immediately with your choice of rice or noodle dish.

Crispy chilli sesame tofu- a crunchy new way of trying tofu!